It all started with FirstPerson.

The Challenge

FirstPerson leadership made a commitment in 2017 to grow to $25 million by 2025, doubling our revenue in eight years. We knew this would require an innovative and disciplined strategy to restructure our sales and delivery teams for more efficient and scalable processes. It also would take getting our people on board with the vision. 

This led to our first encounter with the Performance Climate Survey. It’s a way to get at understanding how people perceive their work experience. It measures empowerment, trust, and opportunities for growth and development. The PCS also looks at strategic direction and communication, obviously important to any organization, especially one focused on exponential growth.

We were eager to explore how our Peeps feel about FirstPerson, and the lofty goal we have before us. And learn how we can provide significant ways to improve our teams’ alignment and commitment to join in the journey.

FirstPerson’s experience with the Performance Climate Survey became the spark for Performance Lab.

The Solution

We first began exploring the impact of performance when introduced in 2017 to a diagnostic tool built on decades of evidence-based research. All of our Peeps participated in the Performance Climate Survey three times during an 18-month period. We saw our performance results rise from Functional Existence to Purposeful Culture.

What we learned is that there are measurable and replicable processes to achieve high performance. And that our people’s performance is as important as the strategic business plan we create and follow, especially given our aggressive growth goal.

  • 01Higher performance
  • 02Stronger revenues, meeting 3-year financial goals
  • 03More efficient collaboration, capacity, and delivery with Peeps in right seats
  • 04Positioned for 2020 strategic action
  • Industry
    Benefits Consulting
  • Performance Climate Survey pyramid image, with FirstPerson levels/dates


Key Phases
February 2017
FirstPerson takes the Performance Climate Survey (PCS) for the first time. Results released and focus groups held.
May 2017
25x25x5 Strategic Plan is created, focused on four pillars and 11 objectives with specific financial goals.
July 2017
Teams and individuals align goals to the 2017-18 Strategic Plan. FirstPerson takes the PCS again, landing at the same performance level.
May 2018
Revised Strategic Plan launches for 2018-19, still aimed at 25x25x5.
July 2018
Peeps take the PCS for the third time, jumping up three performance levels. Results released and focus groups held. The fiscal year end report shows revenue growth, debt reduction, cash reserves, and exceeded sales goals.

Data Driven Results

"What we learned is that there are measurable and repeatable processes to achieve high performance. And that our people's performance is as important as the strategic business plan we create and follow."

Amy Knauer
Chief Operating Officer, FirstPerson
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